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Why I Made an Online Title Case Text Converter

In the last year I found myself using online title case text converters on a very frequent basis. From blogging to writing ad copy, I would google "Titlecase" or "Title case converter", then click on one of the first results

What Makes Good and Bad Internet Advertising?

Popular culture teaches us to hate advertising. It's true that some of it is brutal billboards, disturbing neon signs and spammy website banners. But not all ads are of this caliber. In fact, when advertising is good it tends to

Thoughts on Search Engines and the Open Web

"The medium is the message" is a phrase coined by the Canadian communication thinker Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan proposes that a communication medium itself, not the messages it carries, should be the primary focus of study. In the context of the

Exploring Privacy-focused Alternatives to Google Analytics

For many website owners installing Google Analytics is the first thing we do when starting a new website. It's understandable. GA is the industry standard, it's robust, free to use, plays well with the Google ecosystem, and the level of

How to Use Google's PageSpeed Insights API with Python

In the last year or two there's renewed interest around website performace. I think the trend started with Google announcing that Pagespeed is a ranking signal for both search and ads (quality score). If you know anything about how the

GPT-3 and the Rise of Omnipresent AI-powered Nonsense

Last week the world went nuts over GPT-3, OpenAI's newest AI language model. But for anyone who played with its ancestor GPT-2 last year, this should hardly be news. The fidelity of the newest itteration was announced ahead of time