Ghost 4.0 launched with new design and features

Ghost’s 4.0 just launched on Product Hunt. I was inquisitive about the new design and features, so I went ahead and updated this blog from Ghost 3.0. I will do a more detailed review later, but here’s the first glimpse of Ghost 4.0: Updated editor The editor itself got a small design update, and looks … Read more

Using Cloudflare Stream to serve fast, ad-free video content on your website

Video has become a popular channel for online entrepreneurs. With more and more online creators utilizing this medium, it was time for me to dive into video hosting and stream from a website marketing perspective. I am particularly interested in solutions for streaming content in your own websites where you own your content and your … Read more

Privacy-focused alternatives to Google analytics

For many website owners installing Google Analytics is the first thing we do when starting a new website. It’s understandable. GA is the industry standard, it’s robust, free to use, plays well with the Google ecosystem, and the level of insight it provides is essential for effective online marketing. My top reason for switching from … Read more

The top 6 small business marketing podcasts in my library

You may wonder what’s different about my take on this topic since there are so many podcast lists out there! I personally subscribe and listen to the podcasts I recommend below. Although some of them I’d consider technical and better suited for marketers rather than business owners, I think that doing business today means doing … Read more

Why are bitcoin fees so high and what to do about it

An unfortunate predicament for Bitcoin is that newcomers don’t have a technical background or invested time familiarizing themselves with the technology. Of course, why should they? Cryptocurrency is money, and people should be able to use it without understanding its inner workings. That was the case for some time, before cryptos skyrocketed in popularity and … Read more

The five steps to a successful marketing campaign

1. Address specific business challenges The first step towards a successful social media or digital marketing campaign is to ensure that your campaign goals solve specific business challenges. Such challenges could increase your website traffic or the conversion of visitors to users. 2. Be consistent To create a strong digital identity, you need to develop … Read more

How micro-moments can affect mobile conversions

How micro-moments keep your social media mobile ads underperforming and 3 easy fixes to raise conversion between 7–14% What you need to know: 1. Mobile has changed the rules of user interaction Our relationship with our mobile phone is the polar opposite of the one we have with our laptop or desktop computer. While the … Read more

The 3 startup books in my list for black friday 2015

Black Friday could see you grab some incredible bargains and is almost with us, so that I will jump straight to the point. These are the 3 books on my list for this year’s Black Friday. If you are into startups or you are looking to buy something for a friend, these 3 books pack … Read more

Thoughts and data on the future of personal computing

For the last several years, geeks and visionaries, gurus, and industry specialists debate about the possibility of smartphones becoming the future of personal computing. A futile debate, in my opinion, as smartphones have already dominated personal computing. A study published in 2013 indicated that 79% of people 18–44 have their smartphones with them 22 hours … Read more

The lean startup problem

I suppose the first thing that comes to your mind after you read this title is that something is broken in the Lean Startup movement, and I believe that despite all the hype, that is inevitably true. For example, if you’ve read Steve Blank’s Startup Owner’s Manual, you would understand the depth of this endeavor: … Read more

What is this EU cookie law you keep hearing about?

Ew, days back, I found out that if you own a website, you must inform the visitors about your policy regarding the use of cookies. So from now own when you first visit my site, you will be prompted to either learn more about how I use cookies or agree with it and close the … Read more

The start of the startup investment circle

Someone could argue that startup events have inevitably become part of the startup investment cycle. Once you start building your own company, you will sooner or later realize the difference between building a startup or, for example, an SMB. Imagine the startup as a vehicle for growth Startups are companies designed for high growth rates, … Read more