How to Do Content Marketing as a Startup Founder
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How to Do Content Marketing as a Startup Founder

I've seen this mistake happen very often, startup founders taking time to publish articles on their business blog that (almost) no one reads. This content is usually disconnected from the product or sales, and thus it won't bring the right outcomes.

How Content Marketing Drives Sales

Start with a strategy and objectives, and think how your content can support your sales.

If your potential customers need to know a lot about your product before they are comfortable buying it, then start creating educational content first.

Try to answer questions that come up in your sales calls. Use this information to make an FAQ, and feature it prominently on your website. Then, create articles that answer these very questions. Not only Google might pick them up and bring traffic to your website, but you can also use them as a point of reference during your sales calls.

Sales Enablement Content and Strategic Objectives:

1. Generating Leads via Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Start by answering this question: What is my target audience searching for on Google? 90% of your competitors don't do that. Instead, they create content that they are interested in themselves (and doesn't necessarily resonate with their potential customers).

⦿ Would your prospects directly Google what your business does (e.g. "professional/ business that does XYZ")? Then, you have a starting point – you definitely want to optimize your website and be found for that.

⦿ What websites, podcasts etc. do your prospects consume, and what are the topics they are interested in? A great way to achieve brand visibility, is to create informational content that you know your audience is interested in (and is of course related to what your business does).

Make sure to have user-friendly contact forms, so that people can contact you with ease. Also, make sure to implement lead magnets (gated content) in your blog articles to collect contact details.

2. Use Your Website to Demonstrate Expertise

Include testimonials, write case studies, and create content that highlights your knowledge and credibility to potential customers.

Then make sure to use this strategically. Don't wait for your website to be magically discovered, instead, link to your web pages from your sales emails, bring it up in every possible opportunity.

Final Thoughts

I hope that the above strategies can bring-in new ideas, and put your content creativity in a marketing path. I deliberately avoided to discuss SEO and organic traffic from Google, because it's complex and I don't recommend doing it yourself. You see, unless you take the right actions from the beginning, it might take you many years to get organic traction.

Although I recommend working with marketing consultants, in terms of writing content for your business blog you are uniquely positioned to apply leverage. You are the person closest to your prospects, who answers their questions and deals with objections. And with the right content strategy, you can turn this insight into your online business advantage.