I am currently in lockdown in Krakow, Poland.

Although I'm no stranger to remote work (working remotely in the last year and a half), working from home during the many weeks of lockdown is challenging.

On the upside, it's easier than ever to connect with people online, almost everyone is available online for the most part of the day. Also, our business is not affected by the economic slowdown, on the contrary we are experiencing good growth.

Right now, my work is focused 100% on Studio for Digital Growth, our Be Seen! LinkedIn group, some consulting projects and creating content for my blogs and social channels.

What Iā€™m reading now

Black Ops Advertising: Native Ads, Content Marketing, and the Covert World of the Digital Sell

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Where Iā€™m at now

šŸŒšŸ“ Krakow, Poland

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