How Micro-moments Affect Mobile Conversions

How micro-moments keep your social media mobile ads underperforming and 3 easy fixes to raise conversion between 7–14%What you need to know: 1. Mobile Has Changed the Rules of User InteractionOur relationship with our mobile phone is the

The 3 Startup Books in My List for Black Friday 2015

Black Friday could see you grab some incredible bargains and is almost with us, so I will jump straight to the point. These are the 3 books in my list for this year's Black Friday. If you are into startups,

Thoughts (and Data) on the Future of Personal Computing

For the last several years, geeks and visionaries, gurus and industry specialists debate about the possibility of smartphones becoming the future of personal computing. A futile debate in my opinion as smartphones have already dominated personal computing. A study published

The Lean Startup Problem

I suppose, the first thing that comes to your mind after you read this title, is that something is broken in the Lean Startup movement and I believe that despite all the hype, that is innevitably true. If you've read

What Is This EU Cookie Law You Keep Hearing About?

Few days back I found out that if you own a website, it's mandatory that you inform the visitors about your policy regarding the use of cookies. So from now own when you first visit my site you will be

Impressions from Infoshare 2015

Someone could argue that startup events have inevitably become part of the startup investment cycle. Once you start building your own company you will sooner or later realize the difference between building a startup or say for example an SMB.