Every day, I help businesses like yours to be found on Google and make the right decisions about their websites and content.
I've been trusted by websites with 10k+ monthly Google visits, and I bring a process-oriented and transparent approach to SEO and website marketing.

If you'd like to discuss your project and goals, I invite you to schedule a 30 minute meeting.

Client rankings for a non-branded search, before (red) and after (green) working with me. 

Traffic growth achieved for a client's new website. Over 300% increase in a 2-month period, and from 30 to 350 monthly clicks in less than 6 months.

I offer the SEO services listed below on a B2B basis through my marketing company:

1. Website SEO Audit

A report with my professional assessment of your website, with clear steps on how to solve technical SEO issues and optimize it for Google search.

2. SEO Strategy

A full analysis of your competitors' SEO performance, and an organic search strategy to match them, taking into account your unique strengths and weaknesses.

3. End-to-end SEO Management

I offer complete SEO management on a month-to-month basis. It includes SEO strategy, website monitoring, rankings tracking, keyword research, and link building research.

4. Google Ads Campaigns

Paid search is a great way to increase your online reach fast, and you can either use Google Ads independently of SEO, or in conjunction with it.

By doing both Google Ads & SEO you can explore specific synergies between the two, that enable you to validate the effectiveness of keywords faster, and decrease some of the PPC cost through organic search.

5. Custom Engagements

Often my clients have very specific needs and require a specialized consultant for a custom project engagement.

From website migrations to multi-domain website architectures, China SEO and CDNs, I help solve tough SEO problems on a custom project basis.

Why work with me?

  1. I do this full-time and the majority of my projects are long-term collaborations (4-6 months on average) with over 90% of customer retention.
  2. I've guided my clients on publishing hundreds of new pieces of online content, and achieved page 1 rankings for non-branded searches at ambitious timeframes.
  3. Currently the websites I manage receive 10-15 thousand organic visitors, coming from Google Search each month.
  4. By working with me, you get access to data insights from paid SEO tools, that will drive and evaluate our strategy at no extra cost.
  5. Building websites into successful businesses is my passion.


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Can you guarantee keyword rankings?

I can guarantee you will see a benefit from my strategy and recommendations, but I never give ranking guarantees. Google's technology is proprietary intellectual property. Beware of anyone who tries to guarantee you high rankings, they may use black hat SEO techniques that will work for a while and then cause you long-term harm.

How many keywords do you include in your packages?

The number of keywords, or searches that you target in an SEO strategy is not correlated in any way with the value of the offer. The number of keywords we optimize for depends on how many pages your website has, and the overall SEO strategy. The best practice I follow is to optimize each page for one main keyword/search.

Again, beware of anyone who tries to sell you "X number of keywords" packages, most certainly they don't know what they do.

Why can't I just use MOZ/ SEMrush/ Ahrefs and do it myself?

Any of these tools offer great value in the form of data insights. What they cannot do though, is put together a strategy based on these data and suggest what's the best way to implement it.

This is important, because many of their recommendations will only provide marginal benefits. Last but not least, these tools have blind spots and you want to make sure that you put your effort in the 20% of things that will give you 80% of the outcomes.