The top 6 small business marketing podcasts in my library

You may wonder what’s different about my take on this topic since there are so many podcast lists out there! I personally subscribe and listen to the podcasts I recommend below. Although some of them I’d consider technical and better suited for marketers rather than business owners, I think that doing business today means doing business primarily using the internet.

With that in mind, the podcasts below will help you: 1. learn from people who already found success through digital marketing, and 2. get some exposure to what are the hot topics in modern SEO and digital marketing.

Also, they are fun to listen to!

Leveling Up

First on the list is the Leveling Up podcast with Eric Siu. It’s a weekly interview series with entrepreneurs and marketers, often about how they took their businesses from A to B, what the struggles were, what worked, what didn’t.

What I find great about it is that the questions are spot on – in the time of social media, there are no more secrets anyway – and you get to learn from individuals who have founded billion-dollar companies to best-selling authors.

Marketing School

This podcast is going strong for over half a decade now (that I remember). Every day there’s a new 10-min episode, which is essentially a discussion between Neil Patel and Eric Siu around a focus topic.

What sets it apart is that it aims to give actionable digital marketing advice as quick lessons in a podcast format. Whether you have a new website or an established business, it’s a great way to learn the latest SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, conversion optimization, and general online marketing tactics that work today.

All About Digital Marketing

All About Digital Marketing is another interview series podcast created by Chris Bruno and the social media marketing consultancy Social INK team. What sets it apart as one of the most authentic marketing shows on the internet is the diversity and quality of the guests – many of which are marketers and business owners who have been in the trenches for years.

I really enjoy the insights you get from the show. Chris is great at picking their brains – I find some of the low-key interviews especially interesting, as you get to learn more than advice from people who built “billion-dollar” businesses.

SEO Conspiracy

Things here become hardcore. This podcast is intended for SEO professionals that want to stay informed about the latest trends and discussions and people keen on learning SEO, rather than entrepreneurs who are just getting started with digital marketing.

Nevertheless, one of the most frequent challenges you will get as a small business owner looking to collaborate with an SEO expert is telling apples from oranges.

Listening to this podcast will help you get an idea of what modern SEO looks like so that next time you’re on a call with a potential SEO partner, you will have several discussion points. Ideally, you want to settle with someone who has an opinion about E.A.T and if Google Core Updates are just an illusion.

Edge of the Web

EDGE of the Web is a weekly digital marketing show with Erin Sparks, discussing digital marketing and especially the latest news and trends in the industry.

I really enjoy the show, and the guest list regularly includes some of the top names in marketing. This is definitely a podcast for marketers – or people with some exposure to the digital marketing industry, and there’s a lot of knowledge and insights being shared on every episode.

The Authority Hacker

The Authority Hacker brand is all about creating authoritative websites from scratch that do well on web search to become a source of passive income.

It’s a great podcast discussing all aspects of creating successful websites and monetizing them. Moreover, you will learn a lot about doing SEO and online business.