Why are bitcoin fees so high and what to do about it

An unfortunate predicament for Bitcoin is that newcomers don’t have a technical background or invested time familiarizing themselves with the technology. Of course, why should they? Cryptocurrency is money, and people should be able to use it without understanding its inner workings. That was the case for some time, before cryptos skyrocketed in popularity and … Read more

A Map Service for Bitcoin-payable WiFi hotspots

Register your 21 bitcoin payable wifi hotspot or find one near you with wifiportal21 Index. Problem description If you are using the 21.co bitcoin computer and wifiportal21 to sell wifi minutes for bitcoin, or if you are somebody looking to purchase wifi minutes in exchange for bitcoin, then the obvious questions are: How do I … Read more

A Bitcoin-payable API for checking HTTP status codes

How to use: To check the status code of a website run: An example: Important note: Don’t add “HTTP://” or “HTTPS://” at the beginning of the web address. Otherwise, you will break the operation. By default, this service uses the HTTP protocol. Then you will receive a JSON string in the form of a dictionary … Read more

Get secure, memorable passwords in exchange for Bitcoin

What is a diceware password? Weak passwords are one of the most common flaws in computer security. And Diceware is probably the best method to create strong passwords that are easy to remember. Quoting wikipedia: Diceware is a method for creating passphrases, passwords, and other cryptographic variables using an ordinary dice as a hardware random … Read more