Why I Made an Online Title Case Text Converter
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Why I Made an Online Title Case Text Converter

In the last year I found myself using online title case text converters on a very frequent basis. From blogging to writing ad copy, I would google "Titlecase" or "Title case converter", then click on one of the first results and do my work.

The problem was, that all of them run ads that bring the following problems:

1. take up space and introduce the need for scrolling
2. create layout shifts while the page loads –can be a problem to copy paste something fast
3. slow loading speeds
4. unnecessary tracking

So I finally decided to write my own title case text converter. It's based on a Python port of John Gruber's title case library that, funny enough, he created to run his own blog more efficiently.

The scope of the app is simple: A blazing-fast text converter with no ads, no tracking, and minimum scrolling. It's free to use, with the hope it will inspire you to solve your own problems and then share your solutions with the world.