A Map Service for Bitcoin-payable WiFi hotspots

Register your 21 bitcoin payable wifi hotspot or find one near you with wifiportal21 Index.

Problem description

If you are using the 21.co bitcoin computer and wifiportal21 to sell wifi minutes for bitcoin, or if you are somebody looking to purchase wifi minutes in exchange for bitcoin, then the obvious questions are:

  • How do I inform my prospective buyers about my service?
  • How do I know as a buyer about locations such services are available?

How it works

This service allows wifi sellers to register their hotspots in exchange for bitcoin. Currently, the registration cost is at 100.000 satoshis.

To register, you need to run the purchase command (shown below), describing your service up to 250 characters and the location’s coordinates.

21 buy 'http://[fcce:a977:ee7d:817b:3380:0000:0000:0001]:5000/register --data '{"description":"This is a sample description. SSID:XXX-Verizon. My rates are 0.001 BTC per minute.","latitude":"22.2722612","longitude":"114.1826218"}''

Important notice: The system does not accept duplicate locations. All of the submitted parameters (description and exact coordinates) must be unique for the registration to be successful.

You can view all the registered locations for free at: http://[fcce:a977:ee7d:817b:3380:0000:0000:0001]:5000/map

Important notice:

Since the last 21 Marketplace updates, to view the map with your browser, you need to have end-to-end IPv6 connectivity or some IPv6 in IPv4 encapsulation (tunnel). I am currently working on a workaround, and it will be available soon.


  • A 21 Bitcoin Computer or 21 installed on AWS or MacOS
  • You need to be connected to the 21 Network